Thursday, July 17, 2008

iPlay wedding

If you're a bride planning a wedding, you've probably heard all about iPod weddings by now.

Let me throw a quick explanation out there, for those that have no idea what I'm blathering on about. In this day and age of music technology, many couples are choosing to forgo the hired DJ in favour of creating their own personal play lists using iTunes. The music is then played through speakers hooked up to an iPod, or in our case, a laptop.

Obviously, as with any sort of technology, there is the possibility of things going horribly wrong. Mrs Tulip of weddingbee fame can contest to this. However, we are a fairly tech savvy couple, and have numerous friends that are as well. I feel confident that we will be able to pull it off without a problem.

*touches wood*

Best of all, it's super budget friendly, and we have complete control over the songs that are played during the reception. No macarena dance for us thankyouverymuch!

pic found here

In the meantime, we need to get crackin on our "must play" list! If you have any suggestions, please throw them out there. I'll leave you with a few possibilities to start things off.

You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon

Cecilia - Simon and Garfunkle

You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate

The way you make me feel - MJ

Some of the youtubes aren't the actual video's, but you get the picture ;)

*dances around livingroom*

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