Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Green Shoe, Part Two.

I'm happy to report, the conditioning has worked! My friends are on the hunt for green shoes :)

In fact, one was visiting relatives in Raleigh, NC a short time ago, and actually took pictures for me when she came across a few prospects at nine west.

I ruled out the shoe on the left immediately as it's suede and a bit too "john deer" for my liking.

The shoe in the middle is ok, but the style doesn't really mesh with my dress, and it just doesn't grab me, ya know? I want something a bit more, how do zey say.... glamourous?

I was however, drawn to the shoe on the right. An expeditious search of the nine west website, told me her name is "luxious" and she's on sale right now for 49.99. Not too shabby.

The only problem is, the green colour on their website looks nothing like the green colour in the picture my friend took.

I really want the green to be closer to chartreuse in colour. So a bit more yellowy then the green in the shoe pic above. And although they're cute, they aren't "quite" right.

But it's nice to know there ARE options out there!!

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ROADIE said...

oh man, that is completely different... at least they exist eh?