Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If the dress fits....ACCESSORIZE IT!!

Good news! All the finger crossing seems to have worked, because the dress, that I ordered from Frocks for my brother's wedding, actually fit. Huzzah!

Next up - accessories!

Since the dress is black, my plan is to accesorize with a hint of summery colour. I wasn't sure which colour, until I came across these babies on the canadian zappos site:

Aren't they purrrrdy? I've never ordered shoes off the internet before, so I'm a bit concerned about the fit, but I guess I'll know soon enough. Estimated delivery date: Friday, August 1st. Come to mamma little turquoise shoes!!

I was hoping to find a satin clutch to match; alas, time is limited, as are turquoise clutches. So, next best thing? Buy a black clutch; add turquoise accoutrement (ribbon, broach, clip on earring: something of that nature).

I saw this snappy little number (in black) at payless for 24.95. The silver ring is just begging for fluttering ribbons, and I like that it's a larger purse masquerading as a clutch. Bigger IS better!
I came across this darling black satin hobo bag, while searching Payless.com for a picture of the previous clutch. I don't recall seeing it at my local store, but perhaps I'll check again, just to be sure. I LOVE that it is satin. I love that it has a handle. I love a large turquoise bow attached to one side of the handle.

As far as jewellery is concerned, I'd love to make something like this bracelet with a similar earring set:
beautiful bracelet by fresh collections found here

I'm ashamed to admit that I have no idea if I have beads like this; I haven't looked at my bead stash in a (really long) while! Regardless, I know of a few fantastic bead stores in Toronto, so I *could* pick up the beads to make it. Big ups toronto shopping!

And to complete the ensemble, a little something something to pin into my updo?

These bobby pins made from recycled materials by etsy seller, foundling, are stunning

Gorgeous vintage inspired cameo barrettes by etsy seller Green Thumb Designs

Love the chartreuse beading added to the polymer clay flower on this barrette, by etsy seller, strandedtreasures

Love the mixture of teals and blues in this feather and flower barrette by etsy seller begurple

Doesn't this headscarf by etsy seller mixbaby seem very Audrey Hepburn?

Unfortunately, it's getting a bit late to start ordering items from etsy, however I'm feeling rather inspired after browsing through all the amazing artist's work on etsy. Hopefully, I'll be able to create something of my own!

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Yan said...

Fabulous stuffs! The pair of shoes is stunning!