Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our two favorite colours: Green and Brown!

We've checked out two new venue's since my last post, and both are definitely contenders. There might be an end to this venue search yet!!

*pauses to listen to the collective sigh of relief*

But before I go into great detail about the last two venues, I want to talk a bit about our "theme" and colours. I think it will help to have an idea of the overall feel we're going for when reviewing the last two venue options.

We essentially want to bring the outdoors in! Picture dark wood grains, lush foliage, natural forests, overgrown gardens, and organic textures, all with just a hint of simple modern elegance. Little hard to picture? Thought it might be, so here's an inspiration board that I came up with last night.

Obviously, we can't use every idea on there, but it provides the overall feel that we're aiming for. A "feel" that banquet halls with crazy carpets just won't blend with!

Here are a few more pictures that I came across recently.

Love love love these pomander balls for ceremony decorations. And from what I understand they aren't too difficult as a DIY. Mums are a fairly long lasting flower too, so I could probably make them a few days before the wedding. I'm sure I'll be loving the last minute crafting - heh.

I like the combination of grasses, twigs, flowers and woodgrain in the above centrepiece.

I adore the pods and bamboo arrangement above. Simple, yet striking. Having said that, I'd probably include a bit of greenery :)

Found these lovely invites on the knot's "green and brown" bio list (from mauidjenn's bio). I love the colours, textures, and overall feel they give. Even the pebbles are a nice added touch.

This cake is absolutely gorgeous!! I can only imagine how large the price tag is on it. Probably a wee bit beyond our budget.

This cake has a similar feel but on a smaller scale. Perhaps its a bit more budget friendly!

These bouquets are all gorgeous. I love how they are somewhat different from the norm; a bit more "wild" compared to the perfect posey!


Liz said...

i wanna hear about these 2 new venues!!

p.s. i like the inspiration board.

echo said...

haha...I promise to blog about both of them this weekend!!

j said...

I won't have you doing any last minute crafting-

*alone*, that is ;)