Sunday, October 21, 2007

The ring!

I had always thought I wanted a diamond solitaire with a platinum or white gold band for my engagement ring; something similar to the lucida from tiffany:

Nothing quite that big or even close to that expense of course. The thought of owning a ring that costs over $10 000.00 gives me heart palpitations just thinking about it. My mom will confirm that my track record for losing things is quite extraordinary! As a child, the phrase "Amy Ellen, you'd lose your head if it wasn't attached!" was a daily statement at my house. What can I say, I was a bit scatterbrained back then, and I'm still a bit scatterbrained now, much to my fiancee's chagrin!

So prior to our engagment, during the few instances when our discussions turned to engagement rings, I briefly mentioned my style preferences; but what I really made sure to emphasize were my cost preferences; as in don't you dare spend a lot of money on the ring!! Not only was I concerned about losing a 10 000.00 dollar ring, but I could think of a million other, more important things, that we could use the money on.

During these brief discussions, Patrick made it clear to me that he didn't want to buy me a "boring solitaire" and that he wanted to find something more unique. In the end, I knew I'd love anything he picked out, as it would be special for that very reason!

I present, my engagement ring. It's designed for Tiffany & Co. by the famous architect Frank Gehry; best known for his design of the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, The Dancing House in Prague, and - closer to home - the recent renovations of the Art Gallery of Ontario. This ring is from his Torque collection, and is absolutely amazing. It sparkles like nobody's business, so much so, that I've been caught gazing at it under the halogen lighting in odd places like the elevator, or the bathroom! And it's a comforting feeling knowing that my fiancee knows me better than I even know myself. I love my ring, and not just because he picked it out. I love it because it is unique, and it is so me!

And a final pic of the ring on my finger:

And before anyone asks, yes there is a band to match! I actually have three choices, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. I think I'll stick with the white ;)


janearbour said...

it really is so you!!

Johane said...

I LOOVE that ring! Simple and unique. So pretty.