Thursday, October 11, 2007

My organization inspiration.

I'd like to think I'm an organized person.

I've created a clippings notebook with sections for each of the various wedding categories: dress, decor, flowers, bridesmaids, stationary, cake etc. This way all of my magazine inspiration is in one place.

I've created an excel spreadsheet for the guest list, and a question list for venue visits.

I've created a budget, and I plan on sticking to it!

I even bought a PDA, just so I could have everything organized and always with me!

So I thought I was doing pretty good, until I saw this post by Miss Canary of weddingbee . All I can say is WOW!! Talk about inspiring. And the best part is, she's provided the templates for each of her organizational creations, which I will definitely be using!

Thank you Miss Canary, for sharing and for being so amazingly organized. I bow down to thee.

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