Saturday, October 13, 2007

The great venue search of 2007.

It's a good thing we're not planning on getting hitched until the summer of 2009, because otherwise, the search for the "perfect" venue would be much less enjoyable and much more stressful.

We've looked at two different options so far, and while both had great potential, neither were quite right. We have very specific criteria, and a somewhat limited budget, which makes things slightly complicated, though not impossible.

Our dream venue is one that incorporates a lodge, cabin, or barn like setting with high wood beams, wood floors, and large open spaces; Rustic, but not too rustic, thus it works well with our outdoorsy, woodsy, organic, casual yet modern green and brown theme. There's an area nearby for an outdoor ceremony which incorporates mountains, lakes, and trees as the backdrop. The venue is easy for our guests to get to (75% are from out of town), and there are inexpensive rooms in the form of cabins or lodges for our guests to stay in. Once our guests have arrived, there is no need for them to go elsewhere as there will be much to see and do in the general vicinity.

Of course, there are dream criteria, and then there are realistic criteria. Realistically speaking...

We must have:
*ceremony and reception in same location
*area for outdoor ceremony
*personal choice of caterer
*option to bring in our own booze
*area for pictures nearby
*rental until 1am at earliest

We would like to have:
*lodge like feel
*view of moutains
*park or woodsy type setting
*colours that work with green and brown theme
*proximity to central vancouver
*venue booked with our party only

We do not want:
*banquet hall with crazy carpet
*old school 80's decor
*to have our ceremony inside
*to share our venue with other weddings

And all of this must fit within our budget (food/booze/venue under $5000)

It doesn't seem like a tall order to fill on paper, but the actual search has been somewhat disheartening. It seems like everything that falls into "dream venue" category is too expensive, or too far away. And many are too far outside the city limits. There are still a few left on our list of possibilities. And so, my plan is to discuss each venue; the pros, the cons, the costs, the pics, the good the bad and the ugly.

Stay tuned for the first venue we visited: Rivers Crossing Retreat on Vancouver Island.

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janearbour said...

lol @ banquet hall with crazy carpet!! i am happy to hear that i won't be traipsing all over a crazy carpet in high heels.