Thursday, June 26, 2008

'do inspiration

Now that I have my dress, I've started ruminating on other aspects of the big day; namely, shoes and hair dos! More on shoes to come; let's chat about hair today!

My first inclination was all up, curls in the back, hair sprayed to heck. Something elegant, and coiffed. But as I started searching through coiffed updo pictures, I realized that I don't really like that look for me. I wear my hair in a slicked-back pony tail so often these days, that it wouldn't be all that special really.

A gorgeous 'do, just not for me!

The finger wave along the side is fantastic, but a bit too coiffed for the look I want.

With this in mind, I started to contemplate a looser, more romantic updo. A definite possibility, however I'm hesitant to ask for a "loose" updo, lest it become a fallen out down-do before the night is through! Love the soft curls, and the half up do feel, even though all the hair is pulled up.

During my search for a romantic and loose updo, I came across romantic and curly HALF up dos. Surprisingly, I liked them. Even more surprisingly, I liked them A LOT. Just the soft romantic look I'm going for.

And last, but certainly not least, the full down do. I adore the vintage, 40's glamour feel of the do below! I'm just not sure that my hair could ever look that smooooooth. I guess that's to be expected when you live on the we(s)t coast, and you have somewhat curly hair to begin with.

I haven't booked a hair trial yet, but I will be getting my hair done for my brother's wedding in August. Maybe I'll try one of the hairstyles above, just to see how it pans out. Now which one to choose?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fuchsia POP!

I'm still deliberating over the colour palette for the wedding. Well actually, it's just one colour I'm deliberating over. The chocolate brown, moss green, chartreuse, and champagne colours are all a definite go.

But what to use for POP?

Fuchsia looks pretty poppin' next the the other four colours doesn't it?

Hmm, I wonder if I can sneak it in without making things too pink and girly. Not that I mind pink and girly, but the fiance might have something to say about it. Personally, I've always thought fuchsia is kind of a sexy colour. Especially when it's used sparingly ;)

Monday, June 23, 2008

And the winner is....


I entered a contest at weddingbee to win the ultimate portable wedding planner by Mindy Weiss, and I won!!! Bee contacted me this evening to ask for my address so she can ship it to me. Ahhhh so exciting!

How gorgeous is this?

"Twenty-five sections help you to organize and plan your wedding day: Contacts, Location, Wedding Schedule, Registry, Budget, Attendants, Guest List, Invitations, Wedding Dress, Tuxedo, Rehearsal, Ceremony, Showers, Favors, Menu, Wedding Cake, Flowers, Music, Photography & Videography, Hair & Makeup, Floor Plan, Rentals, Transportation, Honeymoon. Plastic clear sleeves allow you to hold loose items like fabric swatches, business cards, or magazine clips. A large notepad allows you to jot down your notes or questions with vendors. Each divider contains hints, tips and checklists to help you organize efficiently"

Watch out organization - here I come!

*sits and waits patiently for the mailman*

I'll get you my pretty....and I'll bring you home too!

I never expected to find her so soon, or to fall so head over heels in love with her. I was dubious of other women's stories. How is it that you just know? Did you really cry when you found her?

I am a believer now.

As I watched her from across the crowded room, I knew. I tried to restrain my excitement, for fear of disappointment, but it was too late. She must be mine. She WILL be mine. She is mine.

And that is the story of how my wedding dress came to me.

That's right; after visiting 6 different wedding boutiques, and climbing in and out of, what felt like, a billion dresses, I finally found THE ONE. I never thought it would happen to me. There were tears in my eyes!

I am delirious. I am exhilarated. I am euphoric. I am a woman with a wedding dress.

I would post pictures, but my fiancé puts in an occasional appearance around here, and I haven't figured out how to hide part of the post yet, so if you're dying to see what it looks like, just leave me a message and I'll send you a pic....or ten :)

And I've left the best news for last; the dress was a sample dress! So not only did I bring it home right after I bought it, but I received an AMAZING deal on it!

I think my face might split in two from all this grinning.

I'd like to give a big shout out to all the lovely ladies in my life that helped me shop for this beauty. Mom, Jane, Liz, Sarah, Payal, and Michelle - you guys are the best!!

As an aside note, did you know that the word pulchritudinous describes something that is characterized by great physical beauty and appeal? I just found that out today.

My dress is pulchritudinous.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

More from Pelaez Photography...

Rico and Gracci have so many beautiful images on their blog, here are a few more just because!!

WOW!!!! How amazing are their photos. Needless to say we are super excited to have them shoot our big day, and our engagement photos too!

Behind the lens...

We don't have many pictures of the two of us together; lots of one or the other, but very few of both. I guess that's what happens when you make photography a hobby. Expensive cameras, with expensive lenses are very difficult to hand over to a random stranger so they can take a quick pic of you and your significant other!

You know what else is difficult when you dig photography as much as we do? Finding a wedding photographer whose work you LOVE for a price you can AFFORD. But after much searching, I'm happy to report that we did just that :)

In fact, I'm way more than HAPPY, I'm elated, overjoyed, and ecstatic about our photographers!! Ok, ok, I'll stop babbling and start introducing...

Pelaez Photography

Rico and Gracci are a husband and wife team whose pictures really do speak for themselves!

to be continued....


Why hello there. It's been a while hasn't it? In my defense, there wasn't a whole lot of wedding stuffs going on for a while, and I was getting ready to head to Toronto to visit my best gals. Now I have all sorts of fun things to report, and with the wedding just over a year away...well there'll be lots more to talk about!

So without further ado, we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming :)