Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hanging Things

I haven't honed in on any specifics for the decor at the reception yet. Partially because we're a solid 17 months out from the date, but mainly because I have a million great ideas, all of which are fantastic in their own right!

Recently, I've become obsessed with things that hang; hanging lanterns, hanging terrariums, hanging lights, hanging vases, hanging candles, hanging ornaments, and even hanging crystals.

Paper lanterns are a relatively inexpensive way to create colourful impact during the day, and a dramatic lighting effect during the evening. They come in a million different hues, so you're sure to find one that matches perfectly with your wedding colours. And if you're lucky, you might find a recently betrothed bride looking to dump her paper lantern inventory at a deeply discounted price ;)

Chartreuse - the perfect green!

A lovely tent set up!

Strings of paper lanterns at night.

Not too long ago, Miss Canary blogged about Yvonne's beautiful Knot Bio on weddingbee.

(above photo taken by john and joseph photography)
I knew from the moment I saw them, that I must have the hanging glass vases and candle holders. The resulting inner conversation went something like this:

Oh wow, those hanging ornaments are gorgeous. I could do so many awesome things with those. I could hang single fern leaves, moss, bear grass, orchids, candles.... *daydreams* Oh wait a minute. They're blown glass ornaments!! They are going to be waaaaaaaaay to expensive for your budget, so don't go and get your hopes up. But daaaaaaamn they're REALLY nice.... *daydreams* can't hurt to just check the price, because then you'll know for sure. Go on, check CB2 and see how much they are. *searches* Less than 5 bucks each!!!! LESS THAN 5 DOLLARS!! I can afford that! At least a few anyways. I WILL DO IT. I will order them online. Oh crap, they're glass, I wonder how well they'll ship? Better yet, do they even ship to Canada? *searches* Yes, yes they do. Waaahoooo! *happy dance*

Orchids in the hanging glass vases from the CB2 site
(have I mentioned how much I love orchids?!?)

And of course, once an obsession begins, one must alway add more fuel to the fire! Aren't these hanging crystals gorgeous? I think I'll start hitting up antique stores and garage sales for old crystal chandelier pieces.
photo of Erin Cole's wedding taken by Leigh Miller

Any other hanging ideas out there?


Fleurish said...

I am in love with these diamond vases as well as the round hanging ones... i need about 20 and haven't had any luck buying or finding them in Vancouver. Would you be able to suggest a place where i could buy them ?? HELP!!!
Thanks for having a beautiful blog.
all the best.

Vancouer Vows said...

Unfortunately, I was never able to find a location in Vancouver that sold hanging vases like the ones from CB2. They still have them for sale at CB2 Their website says they will ship internationally - might be worth giving them a call to see how much they'd charge for shipping! Good luck with your search!

The Commish said...

Hello! I am in L-O-V-E with your blog and venue choice! My fiance and I were lost until we read your blog. We LOVE (can I say love too much in one paragraph) the Alumni Centre at SFU and we don't have a huge budget so it looks like it just may fit! I was wondering if you know where to order paper lanterns and of a good decoration rental place in Van that has very reasonable pricing? Thanks so much!