Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow, I can't believe the Christmas holidays are over and the New Year has begun!! We had a wonderful holiday full of (way too much) good food, lots of family fun, amazing snowboarding runs, and a whole wack load of crafty goodness :)

I flew home to visit my family over the second weekend of December, which meant lots of quality time spent with my adorable niece! She was full of smiles for her aunty and was *this* close to walking. I'm sure I'll hear about her first steps any day now.

Of course, right before I left for home, I was crafting away like a mad woman, trying to complete a zillion christmas presents! I was a little concerned that I was in over my head, but all was complete in the nick of time ;)

The cute little fun fur cape and pyjama outfit I made for Jordyn turned out really well. I'll have to post a pic of it later. I was able to finish my mom's scarf (while out there - AFTER I wrapped it up and gave it to her - haha) and my (soon to be) sister in law's wrist warmers (on the plane ride home) as well. And thanks to a lovely Micheal's gift certificate, and an amazing New Years sale at Fabricland, I am completely stocked up on yarn and fabric once again.

Both Patrick and I completed our Christmas shopping a whole week in advance (completely UNHEARD of) and had a devil of a time waiting until Christmas eve to open all the presents under the tree! On the 24th we drove out to Chilliwack to pick up our Christmas dinner. During the drive we found some fresh cut wood being sold along the side of the road. Sooooo much cheaper than buying it at the local gas store; and much nicer smelling than a firelog from the local grocery store.

We had Patrick's brother and girlfriend over for dinner on Christmas eve, and Christmas Day. And ooooooooh did we EAT! Baked brie, matzo ball soup, sausage rolls, broccoli soup, roast goose, roast potatoes, wild rice, steamed carrots, and chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!!

Luckily our holidays weren't all about eating and sitting around. We made sure to fit some snowboarding and hiking in there too! I tested out my new snowboarding boots (bestest present evar) which are amazing; good bye heel slip! Helloooooo control. So much so, that I'm actually working on a new trick - buttering! And of course, we've been out with the pup every day hiking up a storm at Robert Burnaby Park and Buntzen Lake.

New Years was a quiet but fun affair. We stayed in, ordered Thai food, drank some Yuki Hotaru (only the best saki ever) and played board game after board game! Good times. Not much completed on the wedding front, but with a year and a half to go, I've still got plenty of time.

We'll be booking the venue this week; finally we'll have a date for everyone. The next big vendor to book will be the photographer. More about that soon!

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